The 2020 Season

January 3 - 3rd Annual Alumni Social

Dr. Scheer gave the our keynote presentation on the Project Lead the Way Curriculum that our Nolan Catholic High School Pre-Engineering Program will begin in 2020-21.


The social was held in the new practice space of the IDEA building.  Over 85 people were present as were almost 25 alumni from the classes of 2012-2019.   

January 4 - 2020 Kickoff

The Robo Vikes hosted 17 teams for the Reveal of the 2020 FIRST FRC game.  After the Reveal, the students went to a classroom and went through stages of the design process led by our mentors.  The students learned the rules and nuances of the game and then discussed game strategy.  Left - Matthew Westerlage presents the results of his group's work.  

January 6 - 9 Design

The members of the team worked together to discuss design ideas for the different functions of the robot.  On the far right is the first team Design Review.  Each Tuesday night, the students present their current ideas and the state of the robot to our team of mentors for critical analysis and review.

January 13-20 Prototype

The students work on mock ups and prototypes in order to do proof of concepts they have determined may be needed for our robot design.  Immediate right Cam & Katie work on a feeder mechanism.  Far right, Adrianna and Connor present their drive train with the new gear boxes Connor designed.


Left - Cam works on the CAD for his feeder design.  Matthew uses the lathe to make axles.  Oscar shows off the prototype of the shooter and conveyor mechanism.


.Maggie works on this year's t-shirt design.  MIddle - Programming team working on autonomous mode.  Right - The new gear box designed by Conner and includes the new Falcon motors our team is excited about.


Left - our shooter mechanism.  Right - the conveyor mechanism.


.The robot as it is in its final stages of assembly.



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